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Cloud Services

Pay a flat fee per employee for cloud access. No more hardware CapEx means you’ll realize the benefits of reduced IT man-hours.

Maximized Mobility

Access all your agency applications from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Layered Security

Your data is protected within our elite, geographically dispersed tier 4 data centers.

You Can Use Alexant Virtual Desktop To Run Thousands of Powerful Applications

Applied Epic TM
Applied TAM TM
MS Dynamic
Microsoft Office

Choosing Between Thick and Thin Clients

What are thick clients?

These machines have all the capabilities of traditional desktop or laptop computers. They require special operating systems designed to work in the cloud. Thick clients are the best choice for workers who need remote access. Since laptops are portable, they can connect to the server anywhere a secure internet connection exits.

What are thin clients?

Thin clients have only one job: connect you to your virtual workplace. All computing, data manipulation, and network interaction takes place on the remote server. With fewer moving parts, less local software to maintain, you’ll need fewer IT man-hours, and can realize substantial savings on hardware infrastructure and maintenance.

Why Windows Virtual Desktop is the Way of the Future

Alexant is an early adopter of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) which is far superior to traditional Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

With WVD, IT staff manage virtual machines on the cloud. With RDS, they would have to do this on-premises from within the server room.

WVD produces a truer Windows environment, creating a more seamless user experience, unlike RDS.

WVD allows the use of FSLogix. With FSLogix, users retain their profile settings across virtual desktops and FSLogix synchronizes with Microsoft OneDrive.

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